850 Main St E Milton, ON, L9T 0J4

850 Main St E Milton, ON, L9T 0J4

Neck Pain Treatment in Milton, ON

There are many different causes of neck pain. Ongoing neck pain can have a negative impact on your everyday life. At The Healthy Family Chiropractic in Milton, ON, we can help ease your neck pain. Here are some steps you can take.

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Neck pain is often the result of muscle tension. Stretching the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and upper back can warm them up and reduce the tension held there. This will help alleviate your pain. If you’re unsure which stretches are safe to do, talk to our chiropractor or physical therapist for guidance. Even a few minutes of simple stretching can be very helpful for pain.


A heating pad is a great way to warm up the muscles in your neck. The heat soothes the pain while also softening up tense muscles, making them more flexible. If your muscles are flexible, they won’t hold as much tension in them. Tension can cause neck pain, so easing that tension will resolve some of the pain.


Massage promotes both physical and mental relaxation. Like heat, massage loosens up tight muscles, physically reducing tension. As it promotes relaxation, it is also a great stress management tool. If you are stressed, you’ll be holding tension in your muscles, which can lead to pain. If you include regular massages in your pain management plan, you’ll be able to find both immediate and long-term pain relief.

Fix Your Posture

Good posture is important. If you’re slouching all the time, whether standing or sitting, it is going to put unnecessary strain on your neck. This can lead to pain. Try to be conscious of your posture and fix it whenever necessary. If you keep your head, neck, and back straight, it’ll go a long way toward relieving your pain.

Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractor can also help with neck pain. Spinal alignment or spinal decompression can provide immediate relief if any of your pain comes from issues with your spine. We also offer things like massage and physical therapy, which can help your neck heal from injury and reduce pain. If you are struggling with your neck pain, call our chiropractor.

The Healthy Family Chiropractic in Milton, ON, is here to help relieve your neck pain. For more information, call or visit us today!



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